Dude it's pretty good And the harmonica kick ass. The vocals were pretty good to. Please check out my stuff "Streets of Damnation" in my profile.
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How did you record such good guitar parts but failed to recored decent vocals.. Perhaps you played it while singing.. Its quite sad that you put together such a good song but didn't recored it properly.. next time perhaps overdub the vocals or do it separately so that its is higher than the guitar ..

I think once its properly edited it will be not only a enjoyable piece but a beautiful one as well

Good work musically but work harder in the studio sense.

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My attempt at art lasted for an instant and then faded like a candle without oil...

When i get around to making more candles hopefully my art will return in a perfect form that all can appreciate.
Yeah, we didn't have a sound card that could handle so many tracks so we had to do it all in one take.