I just bought a used Vetta 2 combo off Ebay, and was curious what your guys opinions are on them. I've heard a few of them played, and like the insane amount of modification. Anything I need to know about my new amp ie Things like the knobs can adjust at loud volumes, ect.
I think they're great amps as long as your willing to take the time to tweak it. It's not a plug in and play amp. It's a plug in and tweak the settings, play a bit, tweak some more, then strum an open E minor and tweak settings for the next 14 hours amp.
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I got it for about $900. Soon as it arrives in a few days, I'll post pics for you guys. :P I heard it takes about 40 hours to really start to grasp how to control the sucker. I'm going to buy a fbv long board (the one with the two pedals) soon as I can sell my Marshall MG100FX halfstack. Is the variax a "neccesary" componant, or can I get by with a normal guitar without losing too much of the amps "potential"
The Vetta's are really nice. $900 is a pretty good deal. The Variax is not essential or necessary at all. You're current guitar(s) will do fine.
What about the acoustic/banjo/sitar simulators, are those variax only, or can I get those acoustic sounds with my normal guitar?
You can get them with your current guitar, but they won't be as convincing as they would be with the Variax. See how it sounds with your guitar before considering the Variax. I've thought about buying a Variax for recording since I often use a PodXT.