Well, I just downloaded and subsequently played this monstrosity of a game, and I must say, it is indeed the worst game of all time.

-The other trucks don't move

-You can go up 90 degree slopes with no loss of traction

-You can go through anything. Buildings, trees, bridges, anything.

-****ty graphics

-no difference in trucks

-****ty gameplay

-feels rushed, overall piss-poor design, nothing good to say about this game, other than hilarity factor of course

Quote by Godsmack_IV
You're Winner!!!

Yeah, the game also can't tell when you start or finish a race, so you win before the race starts.
Whenever I get down on myself, I just think "YOU'RE WINNER" and get on with my day.


My anti-productivity activity.

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I think there's a patch that makes the other truck move, but it stops right before the finish line, so you have to win...

It's a great motivational tool, this game. =)