UFC 79 features Chuck "the Iceman" Lidell fighting against Wanderlei "the Axe Murderer" Silva

Both fighters are previous title holders.

Both are fighting for there careers. The winner is placed right back in the top 5 of their weight class (205lb. Light heavyweight). The loser will be left with almost nothing except a decaying contract.

If anyone wants to discuss UFC or fight picks for UFC 79, post here and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Live Ever, Die Never
Would be nice, Liddell needs a win though or else his career is close to done.
Live Ever, Die Never
i want liddell to win
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i'm supporting silva. he's a beast, he's paid his dues, he's got pure spirit. i personally think lidell was fairly dominant due to his relatively unorthodox fight approach (although this does embody the essence of MIXED martial arts) and lacks elegance and class. yes, i know that elegance and class due not win and they don't stop a Crocop roundhouse to the ribs but it gains my respect and support far more than a glorified street fighter.

plus i think americans make for poor natural fighters (just a hunch. don't call me a racist )

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Sinisa Rules all.

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