well, first i posted it in the wrong section but yeah, here it is again....

my first tab, just a solo i came up with, constructive critics welcome. i plan this to be more of an intro over riff thing, or a mid song solo. remember to crank up the distortion/overdrive when playing for sustain
well, here goes (this whole thing is played on the second (b) string and it has 4 parts.


sorry if i messed up the tab. its my first time writing one.
How fast do you intend eachnote to be played? xD
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Quote by Pyaar
i played it at a slow tempo and wtf is with xD? this isnt funny.. these intarwebs are srs bznz

its supposed to be played at a medium/standard tempo aside from the and notes to each part.
btw what did you think of it?