I've been using a Gibson Studio through a Peavey Special 112, with a Boss DS-1 pedal for overdrive

I really want to try and get closer to the classic rock sound of the 70s/80s (think Beck, Slash, Zeppelin, Stones)

I've recently purchased a beautiful Gibson Les Paul Standard and I'd like to know which amps/pedals would best suit? Would I need to replace my current amp/pedal or is there anything I could do with them?

I'm considering purchasing a Marshall MG100, it seems to be a step in the right direction.

Any help with amps/pedals would be greatly appreciated!
The MG is a step backwards.

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The MG is a step backwards.


+1 on both counts
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Budget isn't really an issue.. I mean I don't want to fork out more than I have to.

I need something that will last, and something good enough to record with on a relatively professional level.

I'm not looking to fork out £200 on a pedal or anything, so I'm guessing pedals anything below £100

Amps around the £300 mark if possible, but I could stretch it if I have to.. I'm sure alot of people will say go with a true vintage 1970s amp or something, but they are VERY expensive.. so first off, if there are any current amps being made with a good classic rock tone, lets have a look at them first? If there's **** all out there then I guess I'll try and pickup a vintage amp.
ebay JCM800. that would give you a classic rock tone.

but IMO, les paul studio doesn't live up to it's name. i wouldn't spend less than $2000 for a les paul.
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I picked it up for £500 as new so for that price I couldn't go wrong!

I'll take a look for some JCM800's.

I'm off to work now, when I get back I'll reply to everyone's posts.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!
Seconding the JCM motion.

For pedals, you'll want to change yours.
Your DS-1 isn't forcing overdrive, it's laying on distortion. Distortion is fine for heavier metal, but for everything from blues-based rock up to the lighter, standard metal, you want actual overdrive, not distortion.
To that end, I recommend either the Boss OD-3, or the Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive or Screamin' Blues Distortion/Overdrive. My personal preference is the Digitech Screamin' Blues, as it can handle both overdrive and distortion, and despite it's name, it can actually generate anything from the slightest crunch right up to full-on heavy metal distortion. For me, that beats the Bad Monkey's slightly more limited range, and I've just never been such a fan of Boss products. I'm aware that most people prefer to use the OD-3 or Bad Monkey though, so I think you really need to give them all a go.
That sounds great, the Screamin' Blues is on my list, I just checked them out and they're ****ing ace!

So I'm looking at this setup..

Gibson Les Paul Standard
Digitech Screamin' Blues overdrive pedal
Marshall JCM800 amp

Also using a HondoII with Dimazio pickups through the Peavey 112 Special now for a more modern metal/rock sound on the side..=)

Thanks for your help!
I'd take the Bad Monkey over the Screaming Blues - the JCM800 has all the gain you'll need on it's own, an overdrive will just help you out at lower volumes and also be useful as a solo boost when it's running full throttle
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Fender 57 Deluxe Amp: Low Wattage is easy to overdrive, has more gain than the blues jr, can easily nail Richards and Page.
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If I were you, I'd lay off the notion of getting a pedal for a while and just get the amp. The JCM800 is a good suggestion, you could also look at the Laney VC30 too. Either of those will get you the sort of tones you're after.
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