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As the title says.

It seems to me that it's just practice, practice, practice and try and use a metronome for scales, but anyone else got any hot tips.
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To only use JUST enough presure with your fretting hand to make a note sound, rather than wasting energy mashing down the fretboard when really playing guitar requires little energy.
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Two things mainly:

1 - Speed comes from accuracy; speed doesn't matter unless it's accurate.

2 - To speed up your movements they should be not only fast but smaller as well; smaller movements allow you to make more in any given time so makes sure you're moving as little as possible.
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The best advice i've got is to play guitar becouse i want it, and not becouse i have to. Force myself to play wont improve anything. When your motivated, you can achieve anything.
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How about the simple, "Don't give up"?

That has helped every guitarist who didn't give up.
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do what you feel, feel what you do (do what you wont, have heart in what you do)
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Never worry about speed, concentrate on playing accurately and the speed develops naturally.

Oh, and also...learn to use your ears as well as your fingers.
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The best advice I have ever received about improving my playing was practicing with a metronome. Very helpful with learning to keep time and increase speed.
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the relative minor scale trick, which is when someone is playing in the key of Am and you want to solo over it you can play a minor pentatonic shape on the fifth fret, in Am, or on the second fret, the key of F# or Gb. Could also play an octave higher
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take time to stop and look at what your hand and body are doing. Don't tense up! --- 2 bad i suck and i cant use a pick =(
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Just have fun with it. Practice and love what you're doing. I suggest songwriting. Thats why I started guitar in the first place.
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"Slooooooooooow down"
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I am not really sure, I hear a lot of things that are good for a certain part of playing.

I guess the best advice is to by a guitar magazine. So I got Total Guitar and although its not great, does have some really good video tutorials and tips.

When first playing chords, don't try to move your fingers fast and putting one on a fret at a time, try to move all your fingers together at a slow speed. Try this by switching between 2 different chords like G and E. This gets good speed and quickly. This was from my daddy .

And the final tip that improved my playing by adding some randomness to it, and helped with the boredom of only knowing 4 chords. When strumming a chord, take a finger off, move a finger, put your pinky somewhere. Doing this, you can get a different sound out of chords and experimenting is fun.
An example, play a D major chord, strum and take on and off your little pinky on the 1st string 3rd fret. Another is to move the index and middle finger on a G major chord down a string to get a different sounding G major. Another from my daddy .
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if your looking to put together anything of your own

explore every sound, get to know what string on what fret makes what sound

and put together what sounds good

ive never took a lesson in my life, everything ive ever learned has been from watching others or from something online, i play everyday and explore everything, and eventually you develope your own unique style and thats what makes a good guitar player. thats what seperates slash, eddie van halen, eric clapton, and carlos santana. all gods, different styles.

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Well, you can do like Rob Flynn and do speed, then practice triplets all night.
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best advice....a long time ago when i was taking lessons.

instructor: I want you to learn these scales

me: uhm.......can't u just teach me this pearl jam song?

instructor: if you want to be any good, learn these scales

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You suck.... now do 2 hours or guitar rudiments every day
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Some great advice in this thread. Here is something I haven't seen noted:

When playing with high gain, mute the strings above the one you are playing with the side of your thumb of your picking hand. To mute strings below the one you are playing, use a free finger of your fretting hand.
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I've recently found that playing with backing tracks is a really good way to improve your timing and help you develop your own style. Plus its fun.
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1. Play what you like to listen to
2. Use that Pinky
3. Keep learning new stuff, (I like to work on a couple songs at once)
4. Alternate Picking lots of triplets
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1) Loosen up, slow down
2) Practice. Practice.

Why are you still not practicing?
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No matter what your always better than the people that are "gods" at guitar hero since you can actually play guitar
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warming up with a metronome makes my playing more consistent from day to day. I don't have as many "bad" days musically, I've noticed since I've started using it. Seriously, don't overlook the metronome
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