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Instead of putting your guitar in the closet or in a gig-bag/case, get a guitar stand and set it up in plain sight. The more you see your guitar the more you'll want to play it.
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everyone is looking for advice and im sick of it.
all you need to do is practice.
and practice...
and practice...

people keep looking for a tip or advice to change their playing- as if they are playing the guitar wrong.
it doesn't work like that.
there is nothing you can do to make you magically become great.
you have to work to make yourself that way.
"You will never be able to play guitar"

That definately made me want to improve...XD!
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Hello Kitty. Everyone knows cats can't play guitar.
Hearing my teacher say that I will give up, its been 3 years and I'm still going.
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Well I've got a lot of advice but one thing that was really important to me was learning how to improvise.
The best advice, the bit that sticks out the most for me, didn't come from a guitarist but Brian Enos, a pistol shooter. "Smooth is fast."
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i was watching a vid the other day by the guy, Dave something, that used to be in RHCP. He made an interesting statement that I had actually thought about before:

if you hit a bum note (or chord for that matter), just go back to it and play it a few times more, and it's not a mistake anymore, it turns into a discordanant, but maybe interesting and acceptable part of the song. it works.

then at the end of the vid, he said as his final piece of advice, "guitar instructional vids are not the way to go".

Beautiful irony.
The best guitar lesson site:

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It just gets on my nerves when people say I won't be any good at playing when I've only had it for a month AND they know nothing about the guitar. How annoying come on, at least I have a hobby.
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