one of my screws on the floyd rose of my damien got loose and fell out somehow. Now that whole e string is off because that part of the floyd rose gets cocked a little, and although the screw tread seems fine, it just wont screw back in! has this happened to anyone else? and if so, please tell me what to do

here is the part that i am having problems with
that's what you get for lisenced floyds. Take it into guitar tech.
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Take it to a store so they can see what's wrong with it. They should fix it pretty cheap aslong as they don't need to set it all up which may cost you upwards of £15 or so.
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I have a similair issue on my Kahler trem (since its 21 years old <.<. The saddlepiece will probably need to be replaced. On one hand your actually lucky that its a licensed floyd rose, since those parts are easy to get. However, its possible that the store you take it to has to order the parts (I had this problem), and they cant order just a single saddlepiece, they have to order 6 saddlepieces, which is obviously more expensive. You might get lucky tho, they might have some laying around.
It's possible that you can't get the screw back in because there is tension on the trem. I would fix it myself I would take the strings off and the back off, remove the springs but not move the adjusting rack try and get the screw back in. I have been messing with floyds for a while now and my tech taught me how to set them up.
If you do not have the experiance you need to take it to a tech. Once you mess with it you'll probably have a hell of a time getting it back to normal a tech will repair it and reset it. If you have a good tech available he will most likely have spare parts. My guy has bins and bins of spareshe saves from upgrades. A couple online parts retailers sell all the parts you might need but with LFR they are all a little different not every peice and screw is compatable with others. There are good LFR out there Schecter makes a decent one all the ones I have worked on have been of good quality.

alright thanks guys, i think ill try what john said and if that doesnt work out, to guitar center it is