I formed a band over a year ago and we are sounding good, despite taking 6 months to find members. Im really not getting on with the guitarist..he is really disrespectful to me saying stuff when he thinks i cant hear and snide looks. He is also totally negative and doesnt want to put himself out to learn songs in his own time rather get me to show him riffs which takes hours.

I want to boot him but its complicated..firstly he is friends with the bassist so they will both go, and i took 6 months finding them. Also he writes half the songs so we will lose some great tunes. On the other side we are recording next month and i dont wanna record his songs if he ends up leaving in a few months anyway. It is a band for fun as i am in paid bands which is serious..but i dont wanna go to my own rehersals because of him. I would talk to him but he is the kind of guy who will not say anything back and be sarcastic. If we try to repair things it wont be the same-it will always be awkward. I didnt want best friends in a band but you have to respect each other.
Bandmates Band-Mates Band...Mates
Band: Play music
Mates: Grab a beer
Bandmates: Play music and grab a beer

Don't go awkward with anything kills everyone's mood.
Try to sort this out. Weigh your options.
Just tell him to take the pineapple out of his ass and learn some songs on his own and tell him also not to disrespect things and be sarcastic when it isn't funny and etc. And tell the bassist to help you out with this, if he's really a friend, then he wouldn't want one of his friends to be a dick to another friend.