Hey all,

I've been playing guitar for about a year now, I've been taking weekly lessons. I haven't been too serious and only revise the stuff at my lesson. Now, I want to get serious... I wouldn't consider myself a total beginner, as I can play power chords, barre chords, a couple of open chords, aminor pentatonic scale, basic tapping, pulloffs, hammer ons, some vibrato, bends/double bends and so on.

1. What should I do next?? I'm currently trying to learn about chords - open chords, major and minor scales. Any websites on list of open chords and major/minor scales would be good(:

2. Songs - I want to know where to progress from here. I can't really play any full songs yet so any recommendations would be good cos in my class we just play lots and lots of riffs. Some of my favourite bands are Busted, Boys Like Girls, Yellowcard, The Click Five, Green Day, All-American Rejects, Blink 182... if there's any song there that are suitable for my level do tell me. (I've read the thread on songs to learn but I don't really know like half of the bands there, so it would be great if you guys could help me think of some songs I can learn from my fav. bands)

3. I'm also interested to learn solos... so any easy solos with stuff like bends, pulloffs, hammer ons, vibratos, tapping would be good.

4. Headphones - where can I find those with the plug size to fit the amp? (My amp has a 'phones' slot)

Thanks in advance.
Just check out some Green Day and Blink 182 tabs, almost all of their songs are pretty easy.
Don't know about the other bands.

Try the solo of Stairway To Heaven.

You can buy an adapter big->small / small->big, whatever you need. They are very cheap.
1. join rockhouse method.
2. just find one you like and learn it.
3. almost every solo in the world has bends, hammer on/pulloffs, and vibrato. my recommendation for that would be critical acclaim by avenged sevenfold. it's kinda a basic riff and a cool sounding solo that isn't that hard to play. (trust me, i can play it and i've only been playing for 8 months.)
4. if its the big 1/4 inch jack there are adapters you can get to fit regular headphones. or you can use that as an excuse to go buy skullcandy's which come with one of them.
i would just say pick something you like and practice until you can play it.
learn to improvise...I assume you can alternate pick...take a rock song for example...study the way the chords repeat themselves, and just play along using scales, arpeggios...whatever fits!
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2. Pretty much all the bands you listed should be in your skill range, as they are largely power chord based. Just sit down with an album and listen to each song one by one and look up the tabs and find stuff you like playing. One thing you should note though is that lots of that grunge/pop-punk style music is tuned down 1/2 step so you can't necessarily play along unless you don't mind retuning your guitar constantly.
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