First, I did try the search, but it has been disabled. Sorry if this has been done a hundred times.

I am looking for a good way to add some basic effects to my set up. Wah, delay, chorus, etc. Budget is not really an issue. I would prefer to have multiple effects on one pedal, but would buy more than one if the extra expense was justified by an increase in sound quality. I do not want something that is going to degrade my signal or make my amp sound like crap.

I normally play Metallica, Megadeth, Bon Jovi type stuff.

Current gear is:

Mesa Boogie F-50
ESP M1000 (EMG 81/85)
Well, apart from something like that one pedal (H20 or something?) that has 2 effects in one pedal, and some pedals having maybe 2-3 effects, you're better off getting single pedals. Multieffect pedals are usually way worse in terms of effect quality.

Anyway, I'd guess you'd want a wah or something. Try finding the Ultimate Wah Thread (even with the search disabled).
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