How do you play the noise at the begging of plug in baby.
im pretty sure its with a whammy bar....
its like controlled feedback with opened strings...
help me anyone?
i think it's a mix of feedback, whammy bar AND whammy pedal, but it's very VERY difficult to imitate feedback
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That's his Fuzz Factory that he doesn't use much anymore. I think he has a whammy pedal and bar on it too.
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Matt has some weird thing on his guitar that allows him to create feedback by rubbing his pick on it from what I've seen. Tried to find a pic but I gave up, but trust me it's largely to do with that panel. You can duplicate it though, you'll just need practise.
It can also be done if you get two guitars really distorted and rub the strings off each other
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might be the whammy pedal he controls with a midi strip, but with über fuzz as well!
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its the fuzz factory!!!! the chaos pad is for stuff like the supermassive black hole solo
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