Crit 4 Crit

sometimes i feel afraid,
that tomorrow wont be the same,

And sometimes i feel insane,
like my minds on a path,
to nothing at all,

and i wonder if i could sing,
the tune of my life,
for you,

we all feel a little weary,
from time to time,
like our hearts take no shape,
were all out of touch,
with time,

we all hear the voice,
barking down our necks,
and i know if seems wrong,
but whats right for me,
you can never choose,

we all,
oh we all,
sense the pain,
across the world,
home again,
until a better day,

when life feels strange,
you can fill my shoes,
and look down the path to see
all that life will ever be,

and here we are,
here we are today
living alone,
shaping the world,
well never know,
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hey man not to bad. theres really not a single verse i dont specifically like. there are a few lines that might need a little reconstruction but nothing to serious. the last verse i think is the best one...i think its what makes the lyrics
well ya know its a little cheezy....ha nah jk
its pretty good i kinda dont like how it doesnt rhyme
but hey
as long it means sumthin to you
its good

and its a tad on the emolicious side
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once you start writting more you will relize a song is not made or broken by if it rhythms or not, and emo? or your crazy, haha, but whatever, thanks for you comments,