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This has probobaly been done before but seeing as though there is no search bar i cant find it. So yeah who has influened your playing the most?
Mine has to be James Hetfield because IMO he is one of the best rhythm players ever. Some people will disagree but thats just my opinion
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david gilmour, eric clapton, jeff beck, robbie krieger (very good at flamenco), and george harrison.
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to get teh grllllz lolerz...

but seriously...Dave Mustaine is in my eyes one of the best musicians alive.
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Adam Jones from Tool, Daron Malakian from SOAD and Steve Carpenter from Deftones.

yeah, i grew up with New Metal, but i'm still awesome
I mostly get influence from Marty Friedman, Chris Poland, and Alex Skolnick, but I sound like Hank Shermann from Mercyful Fate when I solo.
Mattias "IA" Eklundh, Steve Vai and Alexi Laiho would have to be my biggest influences.
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to get teh grllllz lolerz...

but seriously...Dave Mustaine is in my eyes one of the best musicians alive.

I Agree
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Billy Corgan is my biggest influence in everything I do musically.
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My biggest influence on my playing ?

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i would have to say mike einziger of incubus and dave matthews
My biggest influences are Opeth, Nevermore, Gojira, Strapping Young Lad, Primus, and Emperor, but it's the smaller influences from all over that really matter in a person's playing, because that's what sets it apart from everyone else's, in my opinion.

That being said, I guess it could be said that I play Blackprogdeathfunk. It's a new genre.
Angus Young, Randy Rhoads, Tony Iommi, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith
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Mikael Åkerfeldt, David Gilmour and John Petrucci (he's influence is the one which shows the most in my playing).
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I gotta go with John Frusciante, Bradley Nowell, and my older brother.
Probably Geezer Butler. I picked up the bass because of him.

That also explains why I love the pentatonic scale so much
For me it would probably be James Hetfield, Kerry King/Jeff Hanneman, and Tony Iommi.
Johnny Thunders probably. His junkie-fueled awesomeness solos were brilliant.
i would say either dimebag, alexi laiho, or dave mustaine
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I think at the moment that John Frusciante is one of my biggest influences for guitar, especially his playing in Under the Bridge. I love that guitar part.
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my riffs are a lot like Metallica.. Xentrix.. Exhorder.. but most of my solos come out sounding more Angus Youngy
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Michael Romeo, Jeff Loomis, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker.
Metallica inspired me to play guitar.

John Petrucci is currently my biggest inspiration.
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I love James Hetfield - he properly influenced my rhythm. My lead is kinda.. Alex Skolnick-y.
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Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Page, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, EVH, Brian May, Angus Young, Ritchie Blackmore, and Aaron Barrett.
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In terms of writing music it's a mix between Avail, Propagandhi, Rage Against the Machine, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In terms of solos and stuff probably a mixture of Slash, Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), and BB King.
Those who play with a lot of emotion. For example Slash, Page, Kirk, Santana. Etc. I'm not into huge shredders. Hetfield also for his rhythm playing.
Slash, Frusciante, or Eric Clapton, I suppose.
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David Gilmour...
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