Are Rockfield Pickups any good?

I have a cheap Target Les Paul im going to put them in... I know its a crappy guitar and probably not worth the pickups, but I will have the guitar for a long while and if I get a newer Humbucking style guitar I can put the pickups in it.

Im looking for the classic Cream style tone, so I was looking at the Vintage select wounds... I only have about $100 to spend so they would be perfect in my pricerange.

Anyone had experience with them?
i would get a new guitar. But if u really want to put in thse pickups, make sure u put the old ones back in before u sell or get rid of it. Target guitars are made of plywood (i have the GBME Les Paul-style), and plywood can only sound so good.
not personally, was also thinking of dropping the vintage selects in my les paul, but guitar world absolutly LOVES the rockfield mafias so im guessing they are pritty decent, especially for the money
I think they are FANTASTIC pickups for a very good price. The Mafias and the fat ass push alot of gain yet they sound much more organic then other hi gain pups. Try them out stock on higher end bc riches.

The more vintage models are also great, try them out stock on newer Michael Kellys.
tried the Michael Kelley today, love the sound, I used it through a DS-1 and even made that pedal sound good.

I will eventually get a new guitar (something like a G-400 or a Epi Semi Hollow) so I would put these pickups in it...

I would just put the money towards a new guitar, but my grandmother wants to buy me a pickup set because I asked for them on my list.... so i figure it is something I would get for a new guitar anyway.

thanks for all your help!