so someone told me to download this audacity thing, I did, but now what kind of mic should I get to plug into the computer? I am planning on recording from my amp...
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you canplug ur amp into the computer input slot if you get an adaptor, unless you dont have an output line from your amp. in which case, idunno.

i run my guitar through my comp via an effects box (RP150 i think), and it works well for me
Get a decent audio interface. Check out M-Audio for really great 'bang for the buck' stuff. Plug the mic into the XLR input and you're off to the races.

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cheap quality solution - usb mic.

another cheap solution - headphone out from amp to line in on sound card.

Best solutions - USB/firewire interface and good mic
interface that lets you use your guitar without any amp like the Toneports.

I say get the interface.
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