Yes I know there is a thread. But I desperately need help for a particular song.

I'm working on:


Trace Bundie's Canon.

I have a Fender Blues Junior (got it for my bday.. also getting an electric.. so this amp isn't for my acoustic but has such nice cleans that it works!)

Settings are like this:

Volume- 1-12
Treble- 1-12
Middle- 1-12
Bass- 1-12
Master- 1-12
Reverb- 1-12

I am kind of far into the song, but since the trebles (with the left hand) are all hammerons/pulloffs without strumming, they aren't as loud.

I have bass on 1, trebs and mids on 12. I don't know what to do with volume or anything, to make trebs and mids heard as well as bass.