Depending on what sort of music theyre into playing, you could get them an effects pedal for cheap, or play on the safe side and get him a gift voucher for a local guitar shop?
Get him either a slide, a capo, a tuner, fretboard cleaner, polish, or a couple sets of strings or something.

You could also get him a combination of two of those. I think a capo and a tuner would be good, since they wouldn't be too expensive. It just depends if he already has them.
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A slide and a capo wouldn't be bad..

A subscription to Guitar World goes for about 30 bucks I think?
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you could do like a gift basket sorta thing, like a chord encyclopedia, pe n is and a guitar tab book of some band he likes. better yet, the guitar tab book of a band you like.
Gift card to a guitar store?
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Quote by meltfireisland
like a chord encyclopedia, pe n is and a guitar tab book.

Just got in trouble at work cuz I was laughing so hard. Thanks!
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Quote by Redsx158
I have to get someone I know who is really into guitar and has been playing for like one year a secret santa gift. I'd rather not pay more than 50 any suggestions?

Just give him a bunch of stuff:

-picks; various sizes and colours (maube some metal ones as well)

-a capo

-a nice slide

-a few sets of strings

-Planet Waves (or similar) guitar polish) and cloth

-something odd like a Jellifish pick or flatwound strings

-a strap

-a neck sock

-a string winder (maybe the Planet Waves one with pliers on the end)

-a good tuner

-a proper cable (like monster or PW)

-a guitar magazine

If you want something a bit bigger, maybe something like locking tuners.

A combination of some of these, presented in a nice way, will do.
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if your going for effects pedals go for the digitech effects. stuff like the chorus, reverb, and synth wah are pretty useful but it depends on what style the receipiant plays, if you give me some more info i can find a great effects pedal