Ok so for these lyrics u gotta keep in mind they are supposed to be kinda random and meaningless so that your mind will sorta give it its own meaning. they kinda have a mars volta style to them if you know who that is. if not i suggest u go check them out they are amazing! here goes:

Where has time gone? A great sea of animosity.
Buried clouds stray deeper yet. To speak the truth is a lie.
Children's coloring books,stay within the lines.
Heros knee-deep the right way. Left away in storage bags to find your own way.
Masks for our hearts. Hide behind your salvation, your slit wrist savior, ashamed of your heart, ten sizes too small. Girraffe-necking the opposition. Where am i sick?
Slay your deeper dreams in longing, deeper, deepest in the archives of hell...
Mirror games, finally your reflection speaks to itself in the fear of yourself.
Snakes heretic breathe your life away in progressions of midnight massacres sublime.
At last this time is for the last time only stick forray.
To heaven we should go astray this blasphemy in tow.
Passage granted, when are we free to go?
These sounds it shifts with malicious intent.
Be swift for the crows emerge too late.
Too late I'll see you soon in the back alleys of your mind adrift.
Strings attached to a weary traveller - the way of a master puppateer.
Blood pacts in its wake.
This is the "Welcome home" feeding frenzy, enjoy it while it lasts...forever.

Im interested in what you feel this song is about when u look at it plz comment
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Wow. Its a mess and pointless, but it has all the more meaning the same. I tip my hat to your delirious writing, even though some is hard to follow. I personally like how you made it so broad so everybody could relate to it, and put in many different situations to relate to aswell, wich is great in media. Imo, its pretty good, but I am also one to rant on about things. Kudos
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