Out of the 30 people in the bag of names i got... my... teacher...

What do i get her?

Shes a she im in grade seven and its a 15-20 limit

Any ideas???
A few condoms and a note saying "You got plans tonight?", then when she looks your way give her the old wink'n'click, clicky noises made with your mouth are a bonus.
Take the easy way out.

Just give her 15-20 bucks. I know I would.

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Dethklok t-shirt

you didnt really think this through did you. why would you want the PITS help in a matter of buying gifts. im very certain youve seen what becomes of all the other gift buying threads.
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Take the easy way out.

Just give her 15-20 bucks. I know I would.


I actually went back to put the a in.
It looked wrong
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Wrestlemania DVD.

she'd probably never expect that
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a dental dam
some smack
a dead cat
rat poop
and a partridge and a pair tree
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A pack of Magnum condoms
A pound of cucumbers
Some sticks of butter
A leather outfit
And a rubby ducky.

She'll thank you when you get back from Winter Break.

But, in all seriousness, she doesn't expect much from you. At all. She probably doesn't expect anything more than a pack of pencils.

But, I say get her a nice pen, like a $5 pen at Office Depot or something, or get her some decorative note pads, or maybe, if your teachers wear lanyards, you can get her a pin for it.

If your teacher is like any other teacher I know, she will absolutely love it. They like things they can use, like the things above, and might even show them off.

Just an idea.
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