Hey again,

ive just finished another song, i like this much better as i wasnt trying to be technical, just write an aggressive DM song, i think it came out just as i wanted, theres a few tempo changes, and it nice and dark. i havent completely finished it yet, drums are without any real fills yet, and i might change some riffs light the part just before the first tempo change, also i havent got the solo in, which i will do tomorrow.

cant wait to get this recorded, but i want to finish 2 other songs first. ive got a good idea of the lyrical theme and type of vocals. so basically just need to fix it up.

one thing was the Outro, i might repeat the whole first section of the song as the outro, obviously it will have vocals on that part, so i think it might be better, so basically what do you guys think of it and what should i change?

Vade Retro, Satana.zip
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That was pretty good! Compared to your other songs, I've enjoyed this the most, and the harmonizing is really effective. The rhythms are not over the top but still heavy.

I can't think of how to improve it.
I enjoyed that. Has a feel similar to Vital Remains Dechristianize which is real sick. Like the guy above me i cant really think of a way to improve it.
I'm not sure why you went with three guitars and no bass... when, for the most part, two of the guitars (if not all three, in some sections) do the exact same thing... anyway...

I found the drums to be far too chaotic... The only section where they really fit and the song sounded AND felt good was the harmonizing section. Without the drums, the song flowed much better, the riffing is a little odd in structure, but that's good in this genre, and the overall harmony within the song was great, very middle-eastern in flavor.

Re-do the drums, add a bass... and work on the fills and such... It seems to be going pretty well, just post up the finished version for us to see.
i thought i made a better job of the drums this time also i havent got bass because i just didnt add it yet, and the third guitar was just for the sake of extra volume. itll just be overdubbed.

also to vacant - ive been listening to alot of Vital Remains and Behemoth, that probably explains the feel of it
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thats the title yup, lyric theme will be about an excorcism, and thanks just gonna get it recorded tomorrow, then think up a solo.

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Hm. All the riffs and such were good. Real good.

But the drums were really annoying. The snare hits made no sense, even if it was blasting, and most of it just sounds fill happy and overly technical. WAY overly technical. The drums killed it for me, despite the inherent aggression in them. I prefer Gene Hoglans style of tasteful technicality though. Although, the drums on the harmony section/solo were perfect.

And as always... It needs a fuggin bass man!

That being said, that song is really good, and would be damn amazing with better drums.
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anyone mind fixing up the drums a little then, because clearly i suck :P so if anyone could do anything it would be handy cos i was gonna record it tonight
right wtf, was trying to record it there, 2 hours have passed and i still havent recorded the ****ing intro. these drums are ****, i lieterally cant even figure where the **** i am. im gonna simplify the drums and try again tomorrow
Hey... I figured out that the reason it's being so hard to get the drums in there is the strange way you arranged the notes... I'm currently working on a "demo" for you of "Section 01" in the song, just to show you a different way of writing it within GP... it may get the drumming to be simpler to make... I hope.

I'll edit it in once I'm done.

Best of luck.
thanks man, i recorded a rough version of the song on my profile, as you can hear my timing is abysmal, and playing sloppy, but i was bored and wanted to hear what this would sound like with all instruments. also i was trying out the intro thing i planned, with the exorcist trailer sound.
Here it is.. it's not the whole thing, mind you... just a short part... I tried to stay as true to it as possible, but couldn't help myself with some TINY details you will notice... anyway, it's just an idea that may make the drumming easier... it's just to show you the transcription, nothing more.

EDIT: Forgot to upload the file...
Vade Retro, Satana.zip
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Bump... it's (the file) in my previous post.

...I apologize, that was rather retarded of me...
the timing is all weird, although i do like the way you transistioned into the harmony part ill use that. ive taken out the little licks in the main riff and it just repeats basically, because they are more trouble than they are worth. ill get this recorded soon when i have some time off work cos im flat out atm
The timing is what matters!!! ...not because of the format (I know it's a little strange), but simply because the drum composition behind it can be done easier... i.e. your "blocks" of time to work in are more readily cut out for you... so the drum composition is easier to make... the guitars should be made to work out correctly, but it's easier for a guitarist to get a guitar tab right, even if it looks a little off, so long as it SOUNDS right... the drum line, on the other hand, as a guitarist, is a little harder to do... The idea I was passing on to you was the timing... the other stuff just... well, it's a side effect of having me doodle with someone else's stuff... I tend to doodle beyond the "educated individuals" common threshold, I can't help it.

I'm glad you can use some of that, though.

Best of luck... I do hope I explained myself correctly (the english language has been rusting from lack-of-use in my head... )
this song is bleeding of vital remains, which is definitely not a complaint
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oh...too bad let me go cut off my hands for not making something you like

Was this for me? ...if so, I do apologize... I tend to be stupid/aggressive/heartless/a bastard/cocky when I speak and/or write... I didn't mean anything by what I posted, I just thought you'd appreciate knowing that the different format would make the drumming easier to compose.

At any rate, I DO like it, that's why I'm trying (and failing, apparently) to help out.
That was pretty br00t4l, I must say. Haha I was listening to the MIDI, but I really liked the part at about 1:15...it was epic and had a lot of style to it.

I liked it a lot
thanks man, i have recorded this song on my profile with a few changes and still no solo or vocals but check it out
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oh...too bad let me go cut off my hands for not making something you like

It's mostly because of the drums. Too much snare for me.