Well, here's the thing. I was talking to this guy about playing as Racer X at a cover show we'll be having (no idea when yet). We both seem to love the whole 80's metal scene, and we thought Racer X was a good idea. I haven't heard him play yet, although he claims that he can do it well (he's in uni, and a bit older than me). So, assuming he's good, the problem is I need to figure out some bass. We figure a fair amount of songs are good:
Into the Night, Hammer Away, Y.R.O, 17th Moon and Loud and Clear(live) are the songs he knows %100.
Frenzy, Scarified (live), Scit Scat Wah (live live), and Fire of Rock are apparently being worked on.
Scarified, Into the Night Sacrifice, Viking Kong, Technical Difficulties, Motorman Street Lethal are all possibilities, according to him.

So, which are a good idea to learn? I'm not too sure which basslines are hard as hell yet, I have to look at them. I do know, however, that Scarified is a B****. I'm working on it and I must say it is kicking my ass. I don't want to be unrealistic, so I want to learn the best songs there. And if any songs are harder than scarified, let me know, because I want to learn these ASAP.

I know this isn't the most clear, I'm not in a completely sane state of mind as of right now, but I think I need some help learning these, knowing which ones to attempt and such.
ah man Technical Difficulties FTW!! Definately my favourite Racer X song. The bass doesnt seem too hard, so you should be able to take it. And yeah, Scarified is a nuts bass song.
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Yeah, scarified's tapping and solos anre insane to do. TD is also a very damn good song.