on the 6th fret 2nd&1st string when i play them the strings touch the metal things on the frets. it makes a very annoying sound that i cant fix. does anyone know how to fix this? i use silk and steal on an acoustic guitar that i put on myself for the first time.
Did u try to file down the frets in front of the ones that buzz?
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Under no circumstances should you ever try to file down your frets by yourself. Take it to a qualified technician. I'm having that done on my Blueridge and it costs $75. You probably need a good set up as well. If the guitar is new take it back to the shop and tell them to do a set up on it and that you want the action as low as possible without fret buzz.
you also might be able to raise the action on ur guitar if its too low
Hapiness is the remedy for all things.

You serious? 75 bucks to file down some frets? Had to get a couple filed down....my guy did it for free...lol.