i have always been under the impression that active pickups were always better the passive, but i know some people have said that they prefer passive pickups, to active ones.

are theyre benefits to having passive pickups as opposed to active ones?
Where'd you ever get that impression?

I don't like active pickups because I think you lose a lot of responsiveness with them.
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Generally actives have more gain, better harmonics, pretty much an all over better metal sound. actives usually lack better clean tones though, while passives are more versitile providing better cleans and crunch, so pretty much actives for great metal, passives for everything else. i have active emgs and they are the best.
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i have the zakk wylde emg set and now i will never put another set of pickups in my guitars ever.
ditto, actives are only good for metal
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I find active pickups to be very sterile and lack dynamics and feeling. Plus, you can get much more variety in passives
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It basically breaks down to this:

If you play exclusively metal go for the actives. If you like to play anything that isn't metal go with a good set of passives.
Very true. If you're playing death metal or gore or any of that stuff, go for active pickups. Otherwise go for passive.
Actually active pickups aren't only for metal. You guys are either jumping on the bandwagon or only played the EMG 81 in the bridge (and even that can be versatile enough).
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