Ive got 1000 dollars and i want to spend it on recording gear, i dont have very much knowledge on all of this so if anyone can help please do. I was looking at these recorders: http://www.guitarcenter.com/TASCAM-2488mkII-24-Track-Digital-Portastudio-Recording-Workstation-104229224-i1172349.gc


And these monitors:http://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha-HS50M-5--Powered-Studio-Monitor---Each-103530499-i1153006.gc

A simple list of items that i need would help also, nothing specific.
I suggest either saving more money, like double what you have now...
look into different products at a lower cost because you are only allowing a max. of $200 for mics which will get you one cheap condenser...

recording software

what are you planning on recording?

you may want to go with a PC and interface like the mackie firewire or something similar...
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vocals, guitar and bass, possibly drums. I dont need the best quality, im not a big fan of high quality sound. Just as long as i can record some decent sounding songs.
I recomend the Presonus Firepod highly if you can afford it.
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Definitely a firepod, great interface. Nady's got a great cheapo ribbon mic, the RSM-4 for $70. Spend a bit more on your microphone budget though. It seems like you would need at least a 4 xlr input interface or FW or USB mixer. Keep in mind that the Behringer xenyx and Elesis multimix usb record from usb, but do not multi track. It's key to get something that will record each mic separately.

But I guess if you're going with those standalone recorders, I believe they output separate tracks so you can edit them on your DAW later. My current fave set of budget mics is the MXL 990/991 with a presonus tubepre. However, while amazing sounding for $100 mic pack, it doesn't compare to my rode mic.

You'll need a few mic stands, xlr cables and the like.
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The firepod would work out great for his setup. He could mic up drums and everything with 8 inputs but the computer must run fast enough to keep up with 8 tracks all at one time so be sure to keep an eye on that TS.

As for the firepod packs...you could start off with a lower priced "kit" like this:

Then add some condenser mics and such as upgrades down the road.
Good studio headphones can also be used instead of monitors.

along with your order you can also get some drum mics in a set: