I'm trying to play this electric solo song:

on my acoustic/electric guitar. I'm noticing that I have to bend the crap out of b string to get it to sound even one half step higher pitch, like past the other two strings above it. I feel like if I go any further, I'll break my string or screw up my setup, wear my frets, or worse

Should I not be trying to do this on an acoustic guitar?
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grow some real man fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!


but no it should not hurt it. unless your guitar is a peice of crap
+1 to sir awesomeness. he knows what he's talking about cause he is exactly who he is.

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If you have mediums or thinner, and the strings are some cheap no-name brand, you should be fine. You just have to build up those hands! Mediums are rough, I'll admit that. But if you have lights, you can build up your hands, and should. It will make your electric playing better as well.

Get out that metronome and start practicing
Its possible to do, just really really hard. Bending is one of the main reasons why most people dont try electric solos on acoustic, well that and the issue of fret access.
Its just damn hard to do, even if you can do the bend, its often hard to do it at the same speed and stuff as on an electric