Hi guys, I got this Epi with HS case a couple months ago for $40.00 + shipping. It was in tuff shape the pups were junk the pots and toggle no good and it had stickers and glue residu all over it. A couple hours ago I decided to fix it up and tore it down refinised the top and replaced all the electronics and put it back togehter in less than an hour and a half! I added the diamond plate top new Epi alnico classic magnet pups Ibanez pots and toggle. The guiter looks 100% different and sounds 200% better.



Thanks guys, The stuff I used for the diamond plate is from Lowe's it's a self stick mylar they sell in the wall covering section. It's about $20.00 a roll and so far I used it on two guitars the epi and my nephews RR knockoff and I have enough to do a third. The pups and other eletronics were left over from upgrades on other guitars. I traced the guitar on the back of the mylar and then trimmed it about 1/4"smaller so it fit the body and not over lap the bevel. I just used an X acto to cut out the ruots and pot holes and trim around where the bridge and tail piece mount.