hey guys im thinking about picking up one the rp pedals, but would like to hear what you guys think of it... are they any good??
I have had an RP50 since it came out and if you set it up right, it is pretty decent. With a total of 80 presets it can be frustrating, i divided them into groups of 5 for various types of music /guitar setups.
PS...I would get the one with the expression pedal attached.

Only my opinion.
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the delays and reverbs are good, and the wahs are probably pretty usable, but you need a volume pedal. If you're getting it for distortion... don't.
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Yeah they have the worst distortions ever (My frontman 15g had better on board distortion).

The whole pedal is really horrible in my opinion. If you plan on gettign one that cost about 200 and you want a multi effects rather than single effects go with a zoom g2.1u.

And so I don't sound biased here I'd like to say I have both the RP50 and Zoom G2.1u.
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my rp250 is pretty nice for what I paid for it, and about not having good distortion, mine is great if you know how to set it up right.
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