wear a seatbelt
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Don't fail.

Other then that, make sure you look in every mirror atleast every 30 seconds.
Signal lane changes one to one and a half city blocks away.
Always looks both ways, even on a one way.
Never stop short or long at a stop light or anything similar.
Take turns at 11-12 mph.
Try to avoid running through yellow lights as much as possible.
Never go more then 3 below or above the speed limits.
Thats all I cant think of for now.

Edit: Parallel park in 3 movements or less.
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Stop at stop signs for 3 seconds, and don't hit the curb or the cones when you parallel park!
When the music's over, turn out the lights.

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Hang on, do Americans not take their driving tests out on real roads? Or do you stop and get cones put out for you?
dont drive like a pansy. Go the speed limit, not 5 mph below it. Dont take those turns timidly either. The kid in front of me when I took it took the first right really slow and looked really nervous. Just drive normal. Other than that, remember to use that side mirror pulling out.
Blind Spot Checks!
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don't forget the turn signal
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Look everywhere. Even if you aren't looking at something... look like you are. Oh and try to ease into stops. Don't come right up to it and smash on the break.

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Hang on, do Americans not take their driving tests out on real roads? Or do you stop and get cones put out for you?

Real roads.
Don't spark up a jibber before the test. I phailed paralel parking because of that. I still got my licence and didn't get in trouble but about half way through the test the police officer that was doing the test asked me what that smell was.
If you're driving on a closed course, make sure that you act as if you were driving in open traffic.

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alright thanks to the half of you who gave me serious answers. and yes, its on real roads.