Hey guys, head over to www.gear-vault.com and sell and buy some gear. It's like ebay but no posting charges, only musical gear, and so far no snobs. All musicians who are friendly. It's a great site and needs to get its feet off the ground so help out, go to
www.gear-vault.com now!!!
you can do that, I'm not saying screw UG, I'm just trying to help out some people. If you don't want to go there fine but what really was the point of saying that? If someone wants to go there then let them. I have stuff posted on 5 or 6 sites so UG will be just fine. Don't get so mad.
I posted my Crate on the gearvault site, i also scored a hendrix fuxxface for 12 bucks on there the other night. Charlie, the guy who is running the site is good people. it's worth checking out!
I read all the rules I know what I'm doing. It said basically as long as you are selling stuff here and not just using UG then it's ok. I have like 8 things for sale here. Thanks for your concern though.