Hi everyone, I am knew to the forums. I have been interested in learning to play guitar since basic training of august last year. I write poetry and want to be able to play a melody while I recite my poems or one day write a song just because. I also always wanted to learn to play an instrument. After talking with several people in basic I knew I wanted to play acoustic like Lauren Hill and Lyfe Jennings. My question is, should I get acoustic or acoustic electric? I tried to find the difference through google but it kept doing acoustic vs electric. Is acoustic elertric basically an acoustic guitar with an amp to sound louder and thats the only difference? I'm going on break from penn state this weekend and would like to buy the guitar as soon as I get home from guitar center. I was looking at this on there website but will still go to the store to talk to a rep.


If I do go acoustic electric is this a good one?
there's not really much of a difference, the acoustic electric on has a direct output into the amp so its better if you want to use a couple of effects with it or want to record. i'd go for an acousitc electric because alot of them have built in tuners and that is really nice to have also like i said its easier for recording.oh and that guitar isnt really that good i got that pack a while ago and nothing in it worked go for an epiphone one there only like 100 bucks more and totally worth it.hope i helped