Im getting a couple pedals tommorow (ds-1 and blues driver) and i need to buy some cables. right now all i have is the basic one that came with my squire guitar that goes from the guitar to the amp. Is there a special cord i need specifically for pedals or can i just buy any cord i see up at guitar center?

What brand would you guys recommend?
You can use an 1/4'' amp cord.
Most commonly people will have something like:

AMP-------Xfeet-------pedal-1 foot-pedal-1foot-pedal---------xfeet----Guitar

Any brand, just remember, it will only sound as good as your worst cord.
Like the guy above me said, you can use any 1/4" amp cable. Most people get shorter cables to go in between their pedals.

I've never had a Peavey cable die on me. Stay away from Fender brand cables, they don't seem to have a very long life.
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