Hey ive got a american made standard stat and i want to replace the pick ups. But i dont know what to get.
i play music similar to rhcp
what pick ups do i get?
Some nice hand-wound ones should do the trick. If you can afford it, Bare Knuckle's Mother's Milk set would do the trick, or maybe some Stephen's Design pickups. Or you could try some of CorduroyEW's - I've heard that they are really good. www.rockmonkeyguitars.com

As an alternative, Fender's 57/62 set might be worth a look - they're good for that kind of thing, I believe.

However, there's an important question to be asked. What amp do you use?
RMG pickups for sure. His set sounds spectacular.
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i just ordered some from an upstart company.

irongear. the samples on the web site sound really good (as you would expect really)
Thank you please.