Random story about Pink floyd's album side A. (The one about Pink)
Add anything on to it/ Critique. (for an english thing I have to do *sigh*)

Like all stories, there is a beginning. The man is fighting in a war, but it's not what he expected to see. He doesn’t really want to be there, but has to maintain a harden expression, careful not to show any sign of weakness to his enemies.

A child is born, unknowing the various problems of the world. Ignorance is bliss. Many envy the little baby’s innocence, but eventually, he’ll claw his way to the truth… but for now… ignorance is bliss.

The boy has found out that his father died in the war. His father’s life was mediocre, to live, to serve, to die. He has found the invisible line that is conformity.

Now he goes to school, a school with overly violent and strict teachers that will beat their students at any given opportunity. However, their wives would give them hell, when they would get home. Karma? Or simply the beginning of a cycle of retribution and savagery?

Like all cycles … there is a beginning.

He resents the fascism in school. How the teachers can torture them without any feelings of remorse. He dreams of rebelling, he dreams of equality, but is saddened knowing he doesn’t matter… knowing he’s just another brick in the wall…

The relationship between him and his mother becomes clear. While he’s slowly becoming castaway from society, rather than pushing him towards normality, she helps him build the wall that separates him from the world. She won’t ever let him get away…

Building the wall, higher and higher, he shuns himself from the blue sky. He blames that he ran away because his father had died when he needed him the most, his warmth…
His warmth was gone, but his pain lingered on.

Why must we hurt him?

The boy becomes a man, he now has a wife that he loves, and everything seems to go well for him. But, we know that nothing ever goes well for our main protagonist. He is having marital problems, and wonders if he should continue to build the wall.

He goes to the United States, as a musician. Soon after, he longs for another woman. He finds out that his wife is having an affair.

The love they once had is now non-existent. Despite all the effort he gives to keep his wife, for her, the dirge of their passion has passed.

The main protagonist strives to make her to stay, not knowing the reason why she is leaving him although it is evident that he is mistreating her.

Why must we hurt him?

As a result to the wife leaving him, he resumes the construction of the wall, and barricades himself from anything… and anyone. Everyone is just bricks in the wall…

He has completely isolated himself from society, thinking that it is the end of all the misery he’s been through, and the pain that he has yet to discover.

After all, without anyone to hurt him, he wouldn’t have been hurt. If his Dad, Mom and his wife weren’t there, he wouldn’t have felt sadness. We’re all just another brick in the wall… another figure constantly tolling over him, blocking him from any light, any warmth. Yet, he has found the answer, why reject the darkness?

All beginnings must come to an end. Will the wall in his heart finally disappear?
Or is this really the end to the cycle…

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