I have a mesa boogie dual rectifier 2 channel 100w and I heard if you take out a tube(s) the amp can still play just at a lower volume. Is that true? It sure would be nice right about now. My practice space just got a lot smaller.

Mesa boogie dual rectifier 2 channel 100w
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an attenuator might be able to solve your problem?
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Yeah, an attenuator might help.

Just pulling tubes, you might have to rebias, but I'm not sure with the recto...either way, it really won't make a difference. You'll have less headroom, but overall volume you really won't notice that much of a change, if any. Technically, it won't be as loud, but it'll still be loud to cause problems if volume is a problem.

You might just have to change settings to a lower volume, which sucks with a recto because they really shine at high volumes that was the main reason I got rid of mine...
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No need to rebias, however, it will double the impedance. If you have it set to 8 ohms, it'll really be 16 ohms.

halving the wattage won't give you half the volume.
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You could get some THD yellow jacket converters, and change to smaller tubes (50% reduction which is still pretty loud)

Other than that an attenuator (THD Hotplate, or Weber Mass) would be even more useful because then you have control in case you ever need the extra oomph
If you take out tubes, you take out the two on the outside, and one of the rectifier tubes, or switch it to diode rectified. It really won't cut down the volume a ton, you'll get less headroom though so I guess you could get into power amp distortion at a slightly less volume.