looking for an guitar for hard rock and metal AFI,Lamb of god also an amp [tube] I can get 1500 bucks for both
Randall RG50TC and a Fender HSS Strat? Or if you want something more metal than that, maybe an Ibanez RG or S series?
Unless you're more specific, you're going to get as many different reccomendations as the number of replies. What do you have now, how long have you played, etc.
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Randall and ENGL are awesome for metal amps, as well as Mesa Boogie but they're probably too expensive. There are ofc a lot more but I'm no fan of Peavey's and Brunotti and Koch are out of the price range as well.

Ibanez, Jackson, Schechter, Dean, they are the metal guitar brands. But like the other guy said we need more info to be specific
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