Ok I'm know trying to come up with some way of buying all new gear and selling all my old stuff. I need your help on how much I should sell my stuff for now keep in mind all my guitars are left handed and everythings in full working order with little to no cosmetic damage. First off.....

1) Line 6 Flextone III XL 2x12??

2) Line 6 FBV shortboard??? This is the only part of my rig with any probelms at all the bank knob only works going up and not down and the volume pedal doesnt completely turn the volume off. But thats pretty minor.....

3) Ibanez RG1570 w/ Dimarzio Evolution Bridge pickup?? the guitar also has about a 1 1/2 service plan left on it. Its a great guitar I really only want to sell it because the floyd is more than I can handle.

4) Fender Highway 1 Strat???

5) Ovation Celebrity electric acoustic??

there pictures of all my guitars in my profile if your wondering. So how much can I get for all my rig??
I also know that I'm not gonna get a single reply in any other forum I already had it over there. No one replied so I closed and brought where people would actually see it.
i would say use ebay or craigslist to give you an idea of how much those items are selling on there
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Just find prices of them used online, and do the math.
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Nah-just look 'em up on ebay and find how much they're worth and sell them for that price.