Alright, so I'm mainly a guitar player, but I dabble a bit in bass. Right now my setup kind of sucks- I have a SX SPJ (except mine is black). And a Behringer amp this basically, except the older model without the graphic EQ and it's 120 watts I think.

Now, the thing is, I might be playing in a band next semester that will be practicing for a big party gig. Would this set-up be alright? Should I look to upgrade my amp? Are there any upgrades I should look at for the bass itself? If so what? How big of an amp? I really don't know anything about bass and bass amps so any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.
You should upgrade your amp. Something in the line of 180w and higher. You will need it for gigs later so why not chip in a bit more and buy something stronger. You should also buy a more reliable bass in time.
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Any suggestions on what amp? I'll be playing rock pretty much, like pop/pop-punk/classic rock type stuff (mostly covers so far)
Check out Ashdown. They make nice small size amps for a low price. If you want something better you could check out Ampeg. They have a line of practice amps that are really powerful and I would suggest them to everyone.
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Fender P-Bass and Gallien-Krueger Amp, I don't know how good their combos are though.
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i would suggest upgrading your amp first, then upgrade your bass. A decent amp will do wonders to your tone. for an amp i would suggest looking into Ashdowns, as they are great amps for a pretty low price. Or you could look into Galien krueger, (spelling?) but stay away from there backline series, there a bit crappy. But by all means, go check one out, because you might find something you like. And as it has been said before, if your looking for something a little more higher end, you could look into Ampeg.

For a bass, i would suggest either a fender P bass, J bass or P bass special. I would get the j bass or P bass special, because with the special you can get the best of both worlds with a jazz bass pick up and a precision split coil pickup. The J bass is an extremely versatile instrument, so in case you interests wander into other genres, the J bass will do it all.

As always, go to a local shop and try before you buy, I can't stress this enough.

(just in case you didn't know, J bass is short for Jazz bass and p bass is short for Precision bass).

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