My first paint job, with only one real paint issue (to the left of the scratchplate in these pics).

Ignore the strings, they're about 45879034539765625 years old, and I'm getting new ones tonight.

Looks liek you need to put some clear coat on there

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Nice, just I think it's look better with black hardware, some new strings and a some clearcoat
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i cant see a pic
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Looks good man, some clear, a good wet sanding, and a buffing it will look a lot better.
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yeah man, total orange peel action going on dude. yeah. surfs up

If you already put clear coat on it, how many coats did you put on?

It looks as if you completely skipped the wet sanding/buffing stage.
Give it a good wetsand and then clear it!

If you've already got clearcoat on it, add more. 9-10 coats is generally good. Then polish it up, that'll look pretty nice xD