Hi everyone,

I just resently ordered some strat assembly package just for the heck of it, and all it needs is soldering and a paint job. It isn't here yet so I can't show any pics, but I was wondering.
How much of a pain is it to make it a sunburst and will the darker piece of wood that's in the body(I think it's 3 piece but not sure it's a real cheap thing just for fun and try out) and what kind of laquer do I need to give it that aged darker yellowy look on the neck?

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Reranch.com has alot of what u need. they have a Vintage Tint lacquer, looks kind of like the necks on Fender's vintage 50s, 6os, and 70s RI Strats. They also have a 3-sprat Sunburst aerosol set. As long as u spray it right, it shouldnt be too much of a problem.