Ok, whats the verdict on this one. Looking to sharpen up my sound needed for a wider variety. My band plays hard rock to blugrass. Some of this new country has lots of effects. Instead of 10 pedals was thinking about getting one of the multi FX pedals.

Always been a tone lover. Lots of guys are going this way. Not sure how much will be killed going through the FX loop. I played it in the store, but I really can't tell by that. Looking for some advice from someone has went that route.

Was it regreted? ...lol

Thinking about POD X3 Live has nice reviews.

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I hear amazing things about the Boss GT-8. I have tinkered with it and it's very good at keeping tone with effects.
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I'm no fan of multi-FX, I've always found that they can be good, but never great. How many effects do you need? You have nice gear (especially that Fandango ), I think you should get some effects pedals of matching quality. A nice delay pedal, maybe a phaser and a chorus would go a long way.
+1 above. Go with pedals if you want to be able to guarantee your signature sound throughout your singal path..... unless you really haven't developed it yet.

For the Multi-Effects you could always set it up through another path...... check out a company called "Loopmaster". They make true bypass top quality pedal effects loops so that you can customize your pedalboard for a couple of different loops. IE in case you have maybe a noisy pedal that you rarely use..... you can loop it off by itself so it won't pass in front or behind your other pedals that you play the most.

This way you could separate a Multi-effects pedal from your normal signal path and switch to it whenever you want.
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Those would probaly be more than I needed, but the price is about what I can get the mulit FX for. A nosie gate might be nice. My single coils will get nosiy on me. I've been playing for 21 years, never owned one of those. I know guys been playing longer than me, telling me thats what the future is. Would be nice to program a channel for one or two songs, and not have to be worried about EQ, gain, volume etc. Just hit the button and use the guitar volume knob. That would be nice.

Oh yeah, the Fandango is awesome, but I will warn you takes lots of tweaking to get the EQ right. Especially on the dirty channel.It is a ton of tone though. I don't want to loose that. I mostly use the dirty channel on the fand, but