I just picked up a Peavey Windsor not too long ago and LOVE its distortion, but i've decided i want another amp to AB/Y for cleans. It can be either head or combo, but it has to be able to keep up with the Windsor, i'm open to either tube or SS, as long as they cost no more than $500. Thanx for any help.
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe definetly. You can definetly get one used at that price too. Maybe even considerably lower. Then put a nice new speaker in it? A guy i play with has an HRD with a V30 in it, and it sounds much nicer on OD, but surprisingly the cleans are fuller and nicer sounding as well.
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I've seen Silverface Twin Reverbs go that low.

also, check out the Roland Jazz Chorus, theres gotta be one in your price range.
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Yea i've been looking for both of those amps actually, u guys have good taste. Any other suggestions?