Hi, im Andres from Argentina, and I have a big doubt.
Well Im looking for buying my next guitar, after testing a lots of guitars I decided to buy one with p90 mic, Im trying to find a used epi goldtop 56 and its not really easy to find but I dont mind waiting, well yesterday I found someone that its selling a Hohner professional L-90 at the same price, from what he told me its made in Japan in the early 80´s and he changed the mics, the one in the neck its a gibson and the one in the bridge its a DiMarzio, both of them p90.
Well I honestly dont know ANYTHING about the guitar, the type of woods it has or even if the price its ok, not even about the brand, the only thing I know is that they make killer melodicas (my dad owns one)., Hohner its not very known in Argentina I think that its the only model in the city, I can test the guitar since the seller its in the same city, but I would like to know a few things about the guitar before that.

Well any help would be very welcome.
jeje my first post
Suerte, Andres
Do an internet search if you don't get any replies. Try running the serial number on the Hohner site. Also you mean pickup, not mic. Good luck, the guitar sounds like it might be a good one. I'll surf the net and see if I pick up any information.
Edit: Here are some reviews
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I already looked online but theres almost no info, and the guitar doesnt have a serial number.
This is what I found:

"...a Philadelphia collector told me that he heard that the L90s without serial numbers were made either in the UK or Japan in 1974 through a deal with Ned Steinberger (Claim Guitars Steinberger?) in Germany and a Wilkenson Hardware group to satisfy the UK demand for a Les Paul made to the true fifties styling. And Gibson did file a case to stop them from being released. "

".....Hi there i work for what used to be Hohner uk, the L90 gold top started production in the early '80s and cost around £300 new,i think the back & neck of the guitar are stained maple, they have two quite powerful P90 p/ups and are really nice guitars better than quite a few Brands a dare not mention. (Korea) is the place of origin same as most of the epiphone les pauls, we have just bought in the last off the production line of these guitars and we have sold all of them to dealers throughout the country. They are now becoming quite collectable .
If you want to get hold of one try the Music Box (s,wales) 01443 477442 ask for Mike
hope this is of some help to you (Paul) bye!"

"The Hohner L90 was made around 93/94, either in their Asian factories or the Welsh (yes Welsh) Custom Shop- adding Bigsby Tremolo etc. They retailed for around £490 (Custom)- I don't know if the other's were slightly cheaper. It was reviewed in one of 1994's 'Guitarist' magazines, who said it was a stunner to play, with a great sound. I'm actually trying to find one at the moment, as I have a few of Hohner's Pro range and consider them absolute bargains. "

Thats all the info that I found, plus some user reviews.

Then again I dont know if this is true and if it is, it still doesnt say that much about the guitar...

PS; Yeah sorry about the "mic" its how we call the pickups in Argentina
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No need to apologize, English is a tricky language. In the US some say soda, some call it pop.
It sounds like it may be legitimate. You will just have to examine and play it. Made in Japan guitars are generally highly regarded.
That looks beautiful.

Personally, I would much rather have the Hohner than an Epiphone.

To clarify:

Hohner >>>>>> Epiphone.
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Ive sent an email to hohner usa and hohner Germany, with luck I will get a responce tomorrow, I wish...
Here´s the responce from Hohner rep.... not very helpful...

Hi Andres,

first of all we would like to thank you for your interest in our Hohner

After thorough research we regret to inform you today that it was not
possible for us to answer your request within a time and cost frame that is
justifiable for us. The reason is that HOHNER on the one hand has
manufactured musical instruments for almost 150 years, and on the other
hand has also purchased instruments from other manufacturers to sell them
worldwide. Thus, there is an abundance of different instruments that is
nearly impossible to keep track of.

Due to our international structure it is impossible for us at the HOHNER
headquarters in Trossingen to find out for sure how, where and when certain
instruments, that are no longer sold (some of them already for decades),
were produced, where they have been sold and what they cost at that time.
What is more, by individual imports it is often the case that instruments
are on the market in countries in which they originally were not offered
for sale.
It is particularly difficult for us to provide objective information to you
regarding the actual value of such an instrument, since this value always
is a completely individual and momentary decision of the purchaser.

Of course we can answer all your questions regarding the current models,
however, we kindly ask you for your understanding that this is not possible
for the instrument described by you.

We deeply regret that we are unable to help you with your current request
and we hope that you will nevertheless stay with us!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards,
i. A. Brigitte Conrad
-Event Coordinator-
i would ask for more pictures, one of down the neck shot, the back of the guitar, the neck joint on the body and the back of the headstock. a picture of the action, and also of the fretwear. assuming you are buying it online that is.
I love it! I think it's a great looking giutar. Have you played it, how does it sound? I never heard of a Hohner guitar until this last weekend when I bought a Honhner B-Bass. I always thought they just mad Harmonicas. LOL I love my new bass.

Naw, I didnt play it yet, Im with finals from college, but when Im over I will definitly give it a shot.
But... I dont know, I know that it has better pickups and all but I still think that its expencive, he is selling me the guiar at the same price of a used epi goldtop 56