my sister had a musical box when she was young, and it was really relaxing. now i want a musical locket. the only one i could find though was something out of a programme called sailor moon (which i have no interest in) and it looked like a big lump of plastic.

does anyone know where i could get one, or have any suggestions as to how to search? i thought about going to auctions and stuff because i figured there wouldn't be many new ones about, but then i realized the odds of getting one (if they even exist is about a billion to one)

so any ideas?
ebay.com, the source of everything you have ever desired!!!


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looked on ebay. didn't turn anything up except one that plays amazing grace that was really ugly and about 3000 results for high school musical 2 (scary)

also - i'd love to invent one. anyone know where i can find info on how they make the sounds, ie. the mechanism that produces it - because it isn't recorded, its things striking other things i believe