well as we all know christmas is coming up. And i'm in need of a new amp. I need this amp to be all tube (obviously). My price range is at the very highest 600 dollars though i would prefer it to be more on the 500 side. As of now, i'm running an epiphone les paul jr through a roland micro cube. So i expect this amp to really last. I would rather get it off of ebay because i can get a better quality amp for less price. I play alot of different music like green day, jimi hendrix, black sabbath, the sex pistols, some older blink, nirvana, and the red hot chili peppers. I've gone to my local music store and tryed out some vox tube amp and a marshall jcm 800. ( i didn't have much time). And i simply fell in love with the marshalls tone. I went from playing it clean (which i liked) to its stunning overdrive. I was able to almost fully crank it, and boy did it sound gorgeous, the crunch was just perfect, it gave me that tone i've been searching for. Now i've been hopping around ebay, and i was wondering if this would be a good deal


now i realize its a jcm 2000 but i've also heard great things about this amp. so what do you all think? any other suggestions? i'm open to anything, preferably used.

(oh and by the way my jr is not one of the 100 dollar hunks of ****. its the 57 reissue, you know all mahogony p100 pickup and ****.)

thanks in advance
Id say Peavey Classic 30. I really liked it, and i only played with it for maybe 10 minutes. Thru the cheap guitar i played with (only $300 or so), it sounded great. As long as u have the right guitar for what u wanna play, i think that with an OD maybe, u should be able to get what u wanted.
its not the best marshall has to offer, but for the price its really nice. it can get those tones you're looking for. plus it sounds like you like the sound already.
make sure you look around for that model some more, i've seen them pretty darn cheap (check guitar centers used section on their website)