Hey guys I just bought my first guitar 2 weeks ago, a MIM Strat. I noticed something odd well playing today. When i play a few notes on the second string such as B C B C, i noticed that my sixth string is ringing or vibrating a bit and i can barely hear it though the amp . Anyone have any ideas on what is causing this?
its the way the guitar was made.

mine messes up on the 17th fret on the B string.


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Its just a problem with how the everything is put together. If you can barely hear it, I wouldnt worry about it, but if you really care go get it looked at I guess.
That is probably just an action issue. You can try to adjust the saddles to raise the height of the string; this may fix it.
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Is the string higher than a pennies length?

If the penny is placed on the fretboard then its barely higher, if its placed on a fret then no.
What you are experiencing is actually normal, and happens to all stringed instruments, piano's included. You are picking up sympathetic vibrations from one string to another different string. If you want to really see/hear it happen, pay very close attention next time you tune up your guitar. Bring the guitar up to concert pitch, EADGBe. Once there, and with the tuner still plugged in, hit the high e string open and instantly gently touch any of the other strings. You'll notice the low E is vibrating, but so is the A string. How can that be you ask? The answer is intervals. See, where you play harmonics, at the 5th, 7th and 12th frets are all intervals of all the notes. These harmonic notes are pure intervals by the way, not equal tempered intervals like the frets are. So, assuming your intonation is dead on, whenever you strum any given string, that string is vibrating along it's entire length right? At those 5,7,12 intervals, the strings are vibrating at a pitch which will be the same as that of a different open string, thus causing it to begin ringing on it's own. You can really feel/hear this happen on a well tuned acoustic.
To eliminate it during playing, learn how to palm mute with pick hand, and to string mute with your fret hand.
By the way, it's for this very reason that a 12 string guitar sounds so sweet. Those extra octave strings are getting everything else ringing out so much more.