now that i have your attention

maybe this should be in accessories. well i know it should be.


on that third fret of the g string, that natural harmonic, that crazy high one?

which will be better for merely THAT SPECIFIC NOTE (i.e. sustain, tone)

DiMarzio Evolution (or the set of them idk)

or and Emg 81 (or the set idk)
if you go with the EMGs you'll need the set. I've been using them for a few years and they'll do what you want, but the dimarzio's might be better all around.
They're both crazy for harmonics but what kind of music do u play and what wood is ur guitar made of, because emgs sound amazing w/ mahongany but alder is better for evos.

shoot. i should know this.

well the DKMG i have now is...****...ermm...rosewood? maybe thats just the fingerboard.

i dont know. maybe rosewood? i know its not basswood. probably alder. looks likea fender neck. light wood
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well id get the dimebag custum ones

Those are great if you want your guitar to sound like it's stuck in a coffin.

Of those two, Evolutions. If you're going to go that hot, I'd just go with an X2N, though. There isn't a better pickup made for harmonics.
The DKMG should already have EMGs in it? And I think it's alder. Which means Dimarzios FTW.

It's definitely not rosewood. I know there are guitars out there somewhere that are made from rosewood... I just haven't seen them yet. I think an unpainted rosewood guitar would look beautiful.

But that's off topic.
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