Im currently running a halfstack with a Crate BV300 head and matching BV412 cabinet and I have the BV120 head also. Both heads have the capability of running one cab in stereo. Is it possible to apply the same concept of running one cab in stereo by using both heads? and is it safe?

Head 1 main cab out -> cab left channel
Head 2 main cab out -> cab right channel

The manuals for both my heads and the cabinet are here.

Crate BV300HB
Crate BV120HB
Crate BV412

What would I need to set my resistance at on the heads and the cab in order to do this?
from what i've figured, i don't think cabs are meant to have 2 heads running into them at the same time. on the back of my cabs, one is an input for the amp, and the other jack is an output jack for chaining a second cab in parallel.

probably not what you're looking for, but just in case, have a look at this.
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unless that cab is 600 watts, no.
it is doable as long as Half of the cab's max wattage capacity is at least more than your highest wattage amp's wattage rating.
Yeah most cabs Ive seen are like that. Mine has 3 jacks on the back tho, 2 inputs(left and right) and an out for chaining another cab in mono. Both heads have a left and right out and the manual is saying you could run one cab in stereo(pointless imo but the feature is there).

Im guessing that if I could match the resistance up on the heads I might be able to do it but Im not sure if I would need the 16, 8, or 4 ohms. The cab I think can only be run 8 ohms in stereo.