since you posted in the recording section of the form compared to the original recordings form...
you are asking "hows this for quality?"

and so yea your music is great but you really need to improve the quality a lot...
Yep - good music, poor quality. How exactly are you mic'ing things up?
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Good call

Man, you should be a mod, you know everything.

i have 6 mics (snare, kick, one for 2 rack toms, floor tom, ride, and crash) for my drums all going into my firepod

the guitar and bass are coming from my digitech gnx3 pedal and into the firepod (not the best idea but i was just testing out my stuff)

what can i do to mic or mix this song better???
I think the guys are being a bit harsh about the quality. Yes - it could be mixed a bit better but definitely better than poor!

I think you just need to work with the levels a bit. Not sure what to recommend with the mic situation with the drums. I was having a tough time mic-ing my acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars. I ended up buying a 6-string acoustic / electric and I'm gonna install a bridge pickup in the 12-string. This way, I get away from al mic issues except vocals. My hunch is that you have to get into a pretty good mic for instruments - don't quote me on that, though... Do you have access to electric drums to get rid of the mics? Mebbe acid loops...

Good luck!
It's hard to tell the quality; the streaming format seems to destroy all the treble on the cymbals. Unless you uploaded a low quality mp3 in the first place? And yes, I'd bring the crash cymbals down a touch.
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